It's your girl



Hey Y'all! It's ya girl AshWil aka Ashleigh Wilson, certified personal trainer and cheerleading expert based in Atlanta, GA.  Athleticism has always been a huge aspect in my life.  From Cheer, Track & Field and even Volleyball, I was always in some type of sport, but my true passion has always been cheerleading.  As a 4x National Collegiate Championship cheerleader at the University of Louisville, I knew I had to instill the tools and skills I've acquired in the cheer industry over the years and give them back to the youth in return. That was only the beginning of MadeFIT Athletics.


My passion for fitness has also propelled me into health and wellness.  With purpose you ultimately find your passion.  Helping others through my various MadeFIT programs has been nothing short of fulfilling   My goal in life is to bring out the very best version of people who may be unable to see it within themselves.  Confidence is the main ingredient of MadeFIT Athletics - reach one teach one through Health, Wellness & Lifestyle.


I enjoy being in the gym just as much as I enjoy being in the kitchen.  Half the battle is what you eat!  If I am not whipping up a healthy meal or working out, you may find me painting. 


My parents always said find three hobbies - One that brings you income, One that is great for your health and one that allows you to be creative.  Art has always been my creative outlet.  Yet, I 'm Blessed to have found a career in Health & Wellness that incorporates all three of those aspects, and I can only thank God for that. 


MadeFIT Athletics Program is designed personally for you to achieve your goals.  In addition, you will have me as your accountability partner and #1 fan, cheering you on the entire way of your Health & Wellness journey.